More Fun with Spanish

The highlight of the month has been Spanish class for me.  I opted to continue for 3 weeks to stay with the other two women in my class, and worked my way through the preterit, imperfect, future and conditional tenses, none of which I understood back in college.  It’s becoming clear though that what I’m missing is vocabulary, so I’ll have to start reading the paper or find myself some children’s books to start to grow it.  But the confidence is coming.  I also like the way the classes are structured – the first two hours are grammar, and the second two hours are conversation.  The instructors are all very young and enthusiastic, most from Costa Rica, and most of them quite good at prompting and coaching when we make mistakes.  One of the instructors is a young man named Andres that reminds me of the actor that played Frodo in the Lord of the Rings  — tiny, bright-eyed, with a mop of choppy brown hair.  I keep looking to see if he has hairy feet…he instructed one of the women in the class to watch South Park and bring back a report, so we spent two hours discussing the characters in South Park in Spanish.

A travelling veterinarian came by the marina early in the month to update Barclay’s rabies shot and have a look at poor little Maggie.  I never thought it was possible to see hollows under the eyes of a cat, but she’s really a shadow of her former self.  The vet proclaimed there was nothing to be done for her but lots of love, and gave her a 6-8-month window until she heads for the “clearing at the end of the path.”  Bless her, she still purrs like a diesel, talks more than ever, and lets me know when it’s bedtime, joining me on the pillow and giving me about a 10-minute scalp massage before settling down for the night in the cool of the bathroom floor.  As long as she still yells for food in the mornings and evenings, and drinks lots of water during the day, it indicates to me that her mood is fine and she’s not in any pain.  As an old lady, that’s better than most people do.

Fun with Spanish!

I decided to take advantage of a language school here – Spanish by the Sea – run by a Dutch woman and her Costa Rican husband. It’s not bad — $130 a week for four hours of instruction five days a week in a class of three. I’ll be going in the afternoons from 1:00 to 5:00, and interestingly, they’ve placed me in an upper-intermediate level exactly where I was when I stopped studying Spanish at the University of Washington 35 years ago. Just goes to show you the brain retains. Compound verbs here I come…

On the marina front, several of the boats that were here when we arrived have left – some for the other marina, some to anchor out, and some to continue their journeys toward Colon and the Canal.